Sunscreen Roller Blind
Sunscreen Roller Blind
Sunscreen Roller Blind
Sunscreen Roller Blind


Sunscreen Roller Blind

Roller Blinds is a type of Window Cover used for indoor. Suitable for Commercial Office, Industrial Hub, Hotel, House, Condo and others.
System Roller Chain System, Motorised System
Composition 30% Polyester, 70% PVC
Width < 2.5 Meters, < 3 Meters
Pattern Basketweave, Others Design
Fire Retardant Yes

World Class RS Spring Assist Mechanism



* Easy to roll up & down

* Can extend the clutch lifepan

Fabric Features
Energy Saving - Reduced UV and solar radiation from sunlight, saving in air-conditioning enegy and cost.

Visual Comfort - Effectively reduce glare and reflection (from extenal).

Good Quality - Prevent fabric turn yellowish or reddish from long term exposure from solar heat and UV.

Safety - Long lasting antibacterial effect and fire retardant.


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